Class Fees

Childrens Classes




£13.50 Per Lesson Per Child

A whole term of tuition to transform your children’s swimming ability in every area, with a maximum of 3 students per class.


£18 Per Lesson Per Child


£36 Per Lesson 

Adult Classes


Would you love to be able to swim effortlessly? We believe anyone can master the ability with the right help and support. 1-2-1 lessons are a great place to start. You will get the individual attention you need and will have the teacher in the water with you. You will learn how to be confident and most importantly comfortable in the water by learning the strokes step by step. Our approach will allow you to overcome any anxiety and fear you might have and you will be swimming independently before you know it.



Can you already swim but want to improve on your technique, speed and stamina? Do you want to learn a new stroke or improve on an existing stroke that is harder work than it should be? You will be amazed at what we can accomplish in as little as one lesson. Our coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual. We will eliminate the elements within your stroke that are holding you back and we will teach you the correct techniques to move you forward.



Would you like to be able to swim faster and for longer with less effort? Are you thinking of swimming the Channel, taking part in a triathlon or just looking to perfect your technique and improve your stamina? Our innovative and advanced techniques will enable you to achieve your goals however big or small they may be. A lot of our teachers and coaches have swum at very high levels themselves.


This is the level of expertise you can expect from our advanced classes.


£36 per 30-minute session

Please note if you would like to learn with a friend then we offer a reduced rate, please contact us for details

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